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Secret stop comb
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HandsRH SignalLH flat at L side
Date addedTue 22nd of Dec 1998 Views1485
Move number 19Move signal
Move description
As Secret walkaround - step together side by side folding arms, take right arm out to right, now it changes:
  • step clockwise taking both lady's hands to her right hip in your left hand,
  • turn lady clockwise with her hands and as she comes to face block her with your right hand to her shoulder,
  • pause,
  • turn her 360o anti-clockwise taking both her arms over your neck,
  • pause for three beats,
  • finish as Double comb.

  • Comments
    Quite complicated but worth it. Partners usually like this one, you get an ooo!, a mmmm! or and ahhh! depending on the venue.

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