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Double pretzel
ClassPretzel Variationdouble add/remove favourite
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HandsLH SignalRH behind back
Date addedThu 31st of Dec 1998 Views9632
Move number 22Move signal
Move description
Start as standard Half pretzel - lady goes behind and under your right hand, lead her back behind you using left hand - now it changes:
  • lady ends up facing you to your right side and slightly behind
  • rather than changing sides keep left hand low and right hand high.
  • ┬áTurn yourself 360o anti-clockwise while lady stands and watches you in awe.
  • As you exit, take right hand low and left hand high and turn 360o anti-clockwise a second time taking right hand in nelson behind -your- back, while the lady stands, watching again, in bewilderment,
  • as you exit your second turn ensure you have your right hand in a half nelson behind your back or it just won't work I'm afraid.
  • Pull with right hand to encourage your partner to step forward and behind your back while you change places going back to back, take left hand low and right hand high as you exit.
  • Repeat the section above to taste.
  • If you are dancing this correctly it feels like you are doing a lot of turning and arm changes and the lady is standing and watching you in awe (not dismay).

  • Comments
    *Danger* I'm not going all health and safety on you but dance this with a loose grip. This is a legendary move which is complicated to learn and possibly even more complicated to describe! It envolves alot of work for the man and many guys may not want to dance it because of the amount of turning involved while the lady has fairly little. However if you have your new pair of dancing shoes, are feeling particularly flashy and want to give Mr Flashy pants bloke a run for this coinage then give this a whirl. (quite literally). Well worth it!