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Flamenco walkaround
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HandsLXR SignalNone
Date addedTue 1st of Dec 1998
Move number 1Move signal
Move description
Usually follows a butterfly or return, but can go straight in,
  • step back, both hands crossed - left on top,
  • step in taking left hand high and holding it in an arc with lady's left hand and pull her right hand to your left hip,
  • put your right hand on her left hip and you are now palm to pal with left hand high
  • continue to walk round like this both in a clockwise direction for 4 beats (2 turns clockwise),
  • turn lady out by raising left hand even more and pushing her left hip with your right hand 360o clockwise to face,
  • can return lady 360o anti-clockwise.

  • Comments
    Nice nice lovely super little move which can calm down hectic dances and generally exude sophistication and purposefulness in an otherwise slightly grey dance. Hmmmm I'm really full of it today!
    On a more serious note this has to be one of my all time favorites and almost every time I dance this with a new partner it gets good comments as its rare!!