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Neckbreak shoulders
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HandsLH SignalRH up flat
Date addedWed 9th of Dec 1998 Views2133
Move number 12Move signal
Move description
In as Neck break - together, now it changes:
  • push lady's right hand to turn her away to right side and put right hand on her right shoulder, and take left hand to her left shoulder, thumb facing down,
  • pull her 180o anti-clockwise into neckbreak using her shoulders,
  • turn her two times clockwise to face still holding onto right shoulder with right hand (lady ducks her head half way to help),
  • spin her anti-clockwise using her right shoulder.

  • Comments
    Not many people seem to do this one. When it is taught in a lesson, people seem to walk up and down the lines moaning and complaining to each new partner about how they always seem to teach moves you "can't use in freestyle".