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HandsRH SignalNone
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Date addedTue 27th of Jan 1998 Views6539
Move number 308Move signal
Move description
Step back - the grip with your right hand is palm facing up with fingers slightly bent and the lady's hand is the same but upside down, finger together
  • step in pulling lady into your right side,
  • as she travels past you, raise your right hand turning her 180o anti-clockwise behind your back, offer your left hand behind your back,
  • the lady takes your left hand so she is now holding both hands directly behind you,
  • step back pulling lady closer and take right hand to right hip and left hand out straight at left side, (this is the prepare)
  • let go right hand and keeping left hand low hook it around in a kind of clockwise motion leading the lady clockwise 1.5 times to face you,
  • catch right hand and return the lady anti-clockwise.

  • Comments
    During this move you never turn at all, instead facing the same way and moving back and forwards to help the lady and keep the 'bounce' going. The lady does all the turning.

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