Welcome to the Jive Treasure Box Wednesday 1st of December 2021 03:55 AM
This site contains hundreds of Jive moves descriptions catalogued illustrated and rated. Feel free to add your own....
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I made it all myself you know! --Alan

Hello fellow dancers!

If you are anything like me you are really missing a good dance and can't wait to get back to our favourite venues for a really good boogie!

Well.. have a good rummage through the Jive Treasure Box and dust off all of your old favourite moves and goodness knows how many new ones, so you can go back brimming with new ideas!!! --Alan

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Updated moves

9:Armjive walk
284:Armjive holdon cheek to cheek
352:Tunnel flashy spin
362:Basket pull recurring
455:Travelling return flashy
413:Arm jive teapot

Most popular moves:

First move (13851 views)
Armjive (12686 views)
Catapult single (11072 views)
Charlston 1st move (9519 views)
Double pretzel (8550 views)

Newest three moves:

457:First Move Barrier
411:First Move flip

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I hope you enjoy using this site, have fun! --Alan


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