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Historical information

After much interest from many people over the Internet I finally gave in and published my jive moves "database"! I hope this resource proves useful and easy to use.

I started writing my modern dance and Jive moves when I first started learning to dance in 1997 and quickly decided that it would be very desirable to have a database of the descriptions so I could reference and compare them at a later date.

It wasn't long before it was apparent that the writing down of a move is a great way of remembering it as it involves going over it in your mind so my repitoire expanded quickly.

I have found this database very useful because at times I get a bit bored with dancing the same old moves (albeit it quite a few!) and loose interest in going dancing as much. A short while going through some moves I had completely forgotten about and I am dying to go to the next venue to try them out on (often unsuspecting) partners :)

I have also recently realised that some of the more difficult moves which I didn't quite get before I can do now - especially the ones with footwork and stuff, helped by having done some Lindy classes :) Hmmm - glad I wrote them all down!

I wrote the original database in Lotus Approach as I just happened to have the CD lying around and the original single PC based template forms the basis of this online database.

Screen Shots of the old database

Screenshot from the routine entry section of my Jive database selected at random. Screenshot from the move entry section of my Jive database selected at random.

As you can see both moves and routines are stored and the whole process was much easier than writing it down on paper - go to a lesson with 4 good moves in the routine, go home, add the routine and describe each move under that.

This site was first brought online in May 2003 under the name of the "dancecrave jive move Database".

In May 2009 it was renamed to The Jive Treasure box.

The moves section of the database is implemented here at present and allows comprehensive seaching, cataloging and listing of the moves reliably, thanks to the MySQL engine it runs on. In fact because it is built around searches, it is easier to find moves than on the original Lotus database!

Anyway it is hoped that you enjoy your stay here and find this site useful. Any queries, comments, suggestions or notice of broken links, drop me a line.

Right, I'm off to make some tea.

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