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Featured sites
Jive Survivors
A non profit group of jivers who took over a venue in Kings Lynn when a regional dance organisation found it to be unprofitable.
Jive Survivors logo
Ceroc venues
Official Ceroc website
Ceroc central 

Ceroc logo
Ceroc Kent
Ceroc in Kent
Ceroc in the Midlands
Ceroc in the Midlands
Ceroc Reading
Ceroc in Reading
Ceroc South Birmingham
Ceroc in Birmingham
Ceroc Scotland Ceroc in Scotland
Ceroc South Yorkshire Ceroc in South Yorkshire

Ceroc and Modern Jive Company
Nice Ceroc site in Australia, it also has a very nice online forum and an good, active community with it. :)
Ceroc & Modern Jive Dance Company logo
Ceroc in New Zealand
Ceroc in New Zealand. Funky backgroundmusic!
Ceroc New Zealand logo

Jive venues
Jive Party
Jiveparty website. They have good events :)
Jive party logo
Graham at Jive Party
Get on the JP mailing list
Jivebug logo
Jive Live
Interesting site - venues in the South including the Rivoli!
Livelive logo
Blitz Modern Jive Dancing Modern Jive events in the North and Midlands. Blitz Modern Jive logo
Jive plus Jive organisation based in Oxford. Weekly classes and monthly freestyles.
Jive plus logo
Modern Jive Resource Centre
Modern Jive: Interactive maps of Classes, Events, DVDs and worldwide links.
Modern jive logo
Dance FX Dance FX offer modern jive private lessons, classes, workshops and more, in the Gratham (Lincolnshire) area. Dance FX
Tango and Jive practice nights on a Friday for Tango and Jive - in Fleet at the Chuch Crookham War Memorial Hall - Good Parking, Good Floor and Stage - free refreshments. I use Taxi dancers most nights and occasional guest teachers. Also run a one a month Saturday dance night. The music mix is marmite - Trad tango, Neo Tango/Blues/Jive and Fusion Tango/Jive. Tangoffs
Dance Le Beat Dance Le Beat are based in Yeovil and Street in Somerset with classes at both venues and monthly freestyles. Dance Le Beat

Dance Wear This link seems to have disappeared. Will leave in case something interesting pops up. logo
Bloch dance wear Great dance shoes.
Swind Dance and shoes logo

Dance Moves
Jiveoholics Anonymous lIllustrated modern Jive step database with search engine and tips for beginners and improvers
Jiveoholics logo
After 5 jive moves Many move descriptions, illustrations and individual links to particular moves on other sites...
After 5 logo
Co-op Jive Site which co-operatively links, helps and supports jive dancers. Co-op Jive Logo

Dance Holidays
Ski and Rock Dance action holidays, exotic locations, dance and ski, sail, golf, tennis, or just relax.. Ski and Rock
Travel quest Site containing directory of dance holidays. Travel quest
Twinwood events Twinwood Events host the annual Twinwood Festival inc. the Glen Miller Festival of Swing, Jazz and Jive. Twinwood events

Sonic Construction
Listen to the latest Sonic Construction tracks from Drum n Bass to breakbeat and Dubstep..
sonic construction
SC Track download
Listen to the latest Sonic Construction tracks from Drum n Bass to breakbeat and Dubstep..
sonic construction
Southern Jive
Useful calendar of Jive events in the South.
Midnight List
Midnight List
Four piece Jazz band swinging the standards from the Great American Songbook
Midnight List
Rebel Roc
Rebelroc - good fun events.
Rebel roc logo
UK Jive Great site with comprehensive listings of venues, classes, events, holidays and more. UK Jive logo
CerocScotlandForum A very popular modern Jive discussion forum.
Ceroc Scotland forum
Dance Dedication
"Prepare to embrace the dark side of Jive..." naughty, slow and sensual moves.

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